Introducing the Distance Score: The Easy Way to Help Customers Maximize Solar Savings

Want to help your customers get the most out of their solar system?  Use WattzOn’s Distance Score to quickly identify how your customers can take action to increase solar cash flows. The Distance Score shows exactly how much kWh usage should change, allowing solar companies to provide...

California's TOU Rates: Ready for Consumers???

California’s largest utilities are soon shifting all residential customers to time-of-use (TOU) rates, with full implementation by December 2018.  This change promises to be horribly confusing for most residential customers.  

PG&E's current weekday and weekend time-of-use rates1

Liquid Expectations: The Smart Home is Not the Sum of Its Devices


It’s easy for the smart home to go overboard with devices. There seems to be no cap on the number, with one smart hub vendor announcing their product can handle up to 1,000 devices! But adding more devices does not meet the key consumer challenge: Liquid Expectations.


Smart Meter Data Myth #2

The questions of whether or not smart meter data is really needed, and if the benefits are worth the extra cost come up frequently at WattzOn so we wrote a white paper about five smart meter data myths.  Here, we discuss Myth #2: Smart meter data is available from every smart meter.

"What Are My Solar Savings?"

More than 2 million homeowners want the answer to this question. 

Surveys consistently show that “Save Money” is the primary buying reason for rooftop and community solar. Yet, after the sale, most customers don’t know how to validate savings. Solar customers need help.  

And solar companies...

Meet QEV!!

WattzOn announces a software platform upgrade rich with machine learning

Most of the readers of our blog are in the energy biz, so when they hear machine learning, they think of better energy forecasts, as well as customer segmentation and targeting. Yep, we can do that. 

Smart Meter Data Myth #1: Smart meters are everywhere

One of the most frequent requests we get at WattzOn goes something like this: "My company is starting to X. We need smart meter data everywhere." Whatever X is - engage the customer, sell solar, sell thermostats - our customer is sure that smart meter data is needed.

Increase Solar Sales & Engagement with Snapshot

In January of this year, WattzOn released Snapshot, a new product that allows homeowners to provide their utility data with a simple photo of the bill.  Here’s a roundup of what we have learned since then.

WattzOn is the GBA Featured Member For August

WattzOn is a proud member of the Green Button Alliance, and was their featured member for the month of August. The GBA works to enable end users (consumers of electricity, natural gas, and water) to change behaviors associated with usage, and helps make them aware of their use and their patterns...

Energy Literacy And Funding Cleantech

Last Thursday Saul Griffith, CEO of OtherLab gave a wonderful talk on his project that is creating a national data map of energy sources, use and waste. (Fair warning: Saul is a co-founder of WattzOn and until recently WattzOn had offices at OtherLab.) As Saul says, how can we make national...

WattzOn’s EnergyCenter engages residents and delivers energy savings, all under your brand

Used by more than 30 communities from Alaska to Florida, EnergyCenter allows cities and non-profits to scale energy efficiency programs using technology and without adding staff. The platform imports utility data and reports results, saving you time and headaches. Plus, EnergyCenter is...

Meet WattzOn at Intersolar!

Get ready for Intersolar in San Francisco, July 11 - 14. We're pleased to be attending! Please contact us to see our new products in action, if you're going to be there, we'd love to meet you. Contact: Jon Enberg, VP Partnerships,

WattzOn at the California PUC

WattzOn was one of a number of thermostat and software companies that participated in the  CPUC  Public Workshop on "Implementation of Assembly Member Quirk’s AB 793  Energy Efficiency and Energy Management Technology Legislation."  We were delighted to share our experiences from programs...

Why Can't I Understand My Utility Bill?

The EIA reports that homeowners spend over $200B on their electric and gas utility bills each year. Do you know any other large industry that does not provide basic consumer information in a clear, crisp manner, ready to help the customer buy more stuff?