Actions Speak Louder than Governments

If you logged in to WattzOn today, you probably noticed that your total power footprint is significantly smaller and that your data (profile) page looks very different than last week. We really wanted to improve the accessibility and usability of your energy consumption data - and we've made some changes that we think will do just that.

So, what changed?


The reason that your total watts are lower is that we've overthrown the government! (pie slice)

This decision was partially because the government calculation algorithm was easily the most debated aspect of our methodology on our forums. We do listen to our users' concerns and suggestions and this is the area of the site that seemed to draw the most disagreement.

However, the main reason for this change is that we've decided to focus WattzOn on aspects of your lifestyle that you have direct control over. As important as we feel considering the energy the government uses on your behalf is, there is not a lot a citizen can easily do about reducing its power consumption. At least not on a short time scale. So, we've transformed your pie chart and total watts to only represent personal energy choices that you could take action to change. Now, you have the power to reduce the wattage of each of the remaining categories by making sustainable and efficient decisions in your life.

Since we do still think the government calculation is an important metric when evaluating your country and your leaders, you can still find the number on your data page. Speaking of your data page...

Dashboard to Efficiency

We've made some pretty big design changes to your profile page to not only better display the data, but to put all of our tools at your fingertips.

From this one dashboard, you can now more easily reach the various areas of your profile. All of the compare, visualize, and share features have been moved to a single "Explore" box so that you can quickly gain insight into the magnitude of your lifestyle energy consumption and share your results. The dashboard clearly presents the latest from the forums and recent faceoffs to bring the community features to the forefront. And, advanced housing features like energy bills and power meter support can be directly accessed here.

We'll be pulling more and more into this one dashboard view over the next few weeks, so stay tuned! And, of course, please let us know if you there is something specific that you want.

We hope you find these changes as exciting as we do!


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