WattzOn at the California PUC

WattzOn was one of a number of thermostat and software companies that participated in the  CPUC  Public Workshop on "Implementation of Assembly Member Quirk’s AB 793  Energy Efficiency and Energy Management Technology Legislation."  We were delighted to share our experiences from programs...

Why Can't I Understand My Utility Bill?

The EIA reports that homeowners spend over $200B on their electric and gas utility bills each year. Do you know any other large industry that does not provide basic consumer information in a clear, crisp manner, ready to help the customer buy more stuff?

Behind the Scenes at the Clinton Global Initiative - North America

*This post written by WattzOn CEO Martha Amram

It was my privilege this week to attend the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) conference. WattzOn made a featured presentation at the closing session — a real once in a lifetime moment! Thanks to all at CGI and at WattzOn who made this possible!