California’s Energy Earthquake: Market Facts Put the Consumer in Control

In an amazing statement last week, the California PUC announced that significant changes to its regulatory model are coming soon, with huge impact on California’s large investor-owned utilities (IOUs). Prompting this large change are two facts:  25% of IOU load will defect by the end of 2017 and

3 Key Ways Utility Bill Payment Histories Improve Credit

Big data and artificial intelligence are shaking up the consumer lending industry. A host of new enterprises now deliver consumer loans and consumer credit analytics using expanded data sets, including utility bill payment histories. Here are three ways including a utility bill payment history...

Strengthening our Communities

Use Utility Data to Reduce Energy Insecurity and Build Credit

Across the U.S there has been increased attention to building financial assets within low and moderate income (LMI) communities. Helping residents improve their credit scores is one path forward. For example, Operation Hope has 700...