Behavioral Energy Efficiency Proves Effective for the Air Force

As a technology company striving to advance peoples’ understanding of their energy use, we love the opportunity to highlight the achievements of our partners as they work to reduce energy consumption (with our software of course!)

A little over a year ago, Balfour Beatty Communities (BBC) launched a residential energy savings service in military housing at Travis Air Force Base. BBC leveraged WattzOn’s technology platform to drive average monthly energy savings of 10% - with individual savings as high as 40% in a given month. Through the use of WattzOn’s analytics, resident utility data was transformed into personalized, actionable insights, delivered to both residents and housing staff. Tips and high-use alerts were provided to residents in mailed reports, email statements and SMS, and detailed community reports were issued to housing managers, allowing them to prioritize maintenance and address high-use homes.

In total, services were provide to 152 homes billed at PG&E’s electricity rates, which include several tiers priced at $0.36 per kWh. Due to these high rates, we helped BBC avoid an average of $40 per home per month in energy costs.

This isn’t the first time we’ve been able to help BBC drive savings, having recently concluded another partnership that saved an average of 15% across 11 Navy installations in the southeast. Read more about those results here.