Fairbanks Alaska uses WattzOn's Energy Center to Hunt Down Energy Hogs!

Fairbanks Alaska is utilizing WattzOn's Energy Center to have students compete in groups to get them excited about saving energy!

As an exercise to get students into the spirit of the Georgetown University Energy Prize, which Fairbanks is currently in the running for, students are signing up for the WattzOn program through the school and learning what 'energy hogs' are.

The goal is not just to win the 5 million grand prize, or the individual prizes the school gives out for participation, it's to help students become more knowledgeable about energy. This includes how energy works, how energy is wasted, and how they can learn to effectively save energy and get others in their family and the community to follow their lead.

WattzOn is proud to be a part of Fairbanks, Alaska's journey towards trying to win the GUEP, and thrilled that the local students are taking a part in learning how to efficiently, and effectively, use and save energy.

You can view the video of the news clip talking about this awesome program here.


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