ENERGY STAR: Success and Challenges

Last month WattzOn attended the ENERGY STAR partners conference and got the latest news and program updates. It was an amazing event, and here's some of the news:

  • New Energy-Efficient Dryers. After years in the making, the first ENERGY STAR labeled dryers are now in stores. This is the first technology change in dryers in 35 + years, and 20% savings are possible. WattzOn is now connecting consumers to great product opportunities inside our Energy Center platform, helping users go from education to awareness to action.
  • Look for “Flip the Fridge”, an ENERGY STAR program to reduce the number of old refrigerators in use. Market research shows that two types of households are most likely to have an older, second fridge: empty-nesters, and young family/new homeowners. An ENERGY STAR marketing campaign for the spring of 2015 will increase awareness and coordinate rebates to catalyze retirements. (Older fridges have 3 – 4 times the energy use of new models.)
  • The Challenge of the Soundbar. Over its 20+ years, the ENERGY STAR program has led to significant reductions in appliance energy use, and has done the same for TVs and computers. But most homes now have many small electronics items — phones, tablets, laptops, and soundbars. Each item uses just a bit of energy. For example, an iphone uses 4.5 kwh per year. A tablet uses 6. But the number of small electronics is increasing fast, and is the fastest area of growth in home energy use. It is also a real challenge for the traditional utility rebate program, which can be costly to administer. Look for big program changes in rebates and ENERGY STAR. Retailers and rebaters are experiencing rapid changes in what we buy and how we use electricity at home.

WattzOn is tracking these ENERGY STAR program changes because we're expanding our resources, to better help people get connected to energy-smart purchases. Watch for upcoming announcements, or give us a call to learn more.


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