Webinar Featuring WattzOn and Bend Energy Challenge, for the GUEP Semi-Finalist Cities

Martha Amram, WattzOn's CEO and Jon Enberg, VP of Partnerships & BD will be joined by Bend Energy Challenge Director Lindsey Hardy this Thursday, October 29, 2015 at 2pm – 3pm EDT, for a webinar discussing the positive economic impact of energy efficiency programs, and how they are leveraging this data and insights to manage their program more effectively.

The Webinar is titled "Understanding the Economic Impact of Energy Efficiency and Effective Program Management" and will contain two parts: 1) how to use data and analytics to improve the management of energy-savings programs and 2) positive economic impact of energy savings.

Bend, Oregon is using WattzOn's EnergyCenter and associated analytics in their management of the Bend Energy Challenge. Lindsey will share some of the ways that our reports and data have helped her manage the Challenge.

This webinar is for Georgetown University Energy Prize semi-finalist cities - GUEP info here.

Download the Webinar Presentation (1mb .pdf)
Download the Recorded Webinar (37mb .mp4)
Link to learn more about the economic analysis cited in the webinar


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