Increase Solar Sales & Engagement with Snapshot

In January of this year, WattzOn released Snapshot, a new product that allows homeowners to provide their utility data with a simple photo of the bill.  Here’s a roundup of what we have learned since then.

Snapshot is Engaging.  More than 85% of users who start taking a photo with Snapshot complete the process. And as these users move through the solar sales pipeline, they are 2X more likely to take and keep a home solar consultation.

stroke2.jpgSnapshot Helps to Close Sales.   Here’s a quote from one solar sales rep: “The homeowner had a tight time window, so I had only 45 minutes.  And he forgot to send us his utility bills.  I pulled out Snapshot, got the data in a minute or two and got it into the proposal tool.  I closed the sale!”  

Sales Reps Like Snapshot.  About 20% of our usage by sales reps is for utilities we don’t yet cover. It turns out that a bill in hand is worth a photo.  The reps use Snapshot to get utility bill data while it is available, avoiding chasing customers later.  We send the image to the solar company’s CRM, where it stays, ready for use.

Snapshot Under Your Brand.  Without getting too deep into the technology, our customers are using Snapshot through our hosted solutions and via iframes on their sites.  Always under your brand for a smooth user experience.

Everything is going digital, but apparently not utility bills.  OPower reports that two-thirds of residents still get paper utility bills mailed to their home.  Snapshot works like a mobile check deposit app, making it easy to get those bills (data and images) into the sales process and CRM system.

And we’re pleased to announce two new extensions to Snapshot!  

We added SDG&E.  Snapshot now serves  five utility areas:  PG&E, SCE, SDG&E, Xcel (CO)  and Xcel (MN).  We’ll be rolling more out in early 2017.

We also released “Other”, which allows bill images to be preserved in the CRM system, even when WattzOn does not yet offer the bill data reading function.


To learn more about Snapshot or to see a demo, go to these links: