Meet QEV!!

WattzOn announces a software platform upgrade rich with machine learning

machine_learning.jpgMost of the readers of our blog are in the energy biz, so when they hear machine learning, they think of better energy forecasts, as well as customer segmentation and targeting. Yep, we can do that. 
But, we also use machine learning to do the business of utility data capture. Our product announcement about QEV showcases this work.  

 QEV (fondly called "Kev")  uses advanced analytics and machine learning to get the data quickly, read it accurately and validate the data read. Instead of plodding through these tasks, we designed our platform for speed and scale -- through innovations in machine learning.  Our customers get a better service, and WattzOn remains a cost-effective solution as we scale with more volume and additional utility coverage.
This press release was an opportunity to look around, outside cleantech and energy. And we see some nice parallels. Intuit, for example, has the "10 minute tax return".  Take a photo of your paper records, they crunch the numbers, and you get a pre-filled tax form.  Using similar technology, WattzOn does the "30 seconds to utility data."   And we saw companies like Mulesoft make a hugely valuable business out of breaking through data silos.  They're a unicorn (eg > $1B in value), so we can't argue with their value prop. 
WattzOn tackles the $200B natural gas and electric utility data market. We're the leading national software platform.  And thanks to our software development team, we've added one more friendly face, QEV.
See our full press release HERE.