Moonworks Interview With Martha Amram

In their Expert Interview Series, Moonworks interviewed WattzOn's own CEO Martha Amram about effectively creating a personalized energy plan. A short excerpt follows;

Whether you want to live greener, save money on your energy bill, or both, now is the time to consider a personalized energy plan.

WattzOn would be happy to help you out. They’ll help create a personalized plan for saving energy in your home – one that is tailored to local climates, local rates, your house, and your lifestyle.

“If one-size-fits-all really worked, then utility brochures would have gotten the job done,” says CEO Martha Amram. “But in fact, every home is different and so is every family.”

Martha says they’ve saved users around $240 a year on their utility bills with low-cost or no-cost changes alone. Some plans offer 40 to 60 percent savings off of utility bills.

We recently asked Martha a few questions about why homeowners should care about reducing energy and water use in their home, and how they can to it with the fewest headaches. Here’s what she had to say:

What are the benefits of reduced energy and water use to the homeowner and the community at large?

The homeowner saves money and meets local watering restrictions. Communities want to reduce their footprint, but have a very difficult time engaging residents. WattzOn is part of the solution.

What’s the best way for homeowners to conduct an audit of their energy and water use?

We’re not fond of the word “audit.” It sounds as fun as taxes and a visit to the dentist. We use the phrase “fitbit your home,” meaning get the data to make your home energy use transparent and actionable, get the software tools to track your result, and make it pleasant. That’s WattzOn’s approach: the same great results as an online “audit” – just much more engaging.

What are the most common energy wasters in a home?

1. Lights (Get LED!)
2. Heating/Cooling (Get a smart thermostat! Being able to read how your energy is being used as it’s used is important!)
3. Older Refrigerators
4. Older Washer
5. Older cable TV boxes (If yours is more than four years old, you should change it!)

There's a lot more to this interview! Click here to read the full article.


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