Smart Meter Data Myth #2

The questions of whether or not smart meter data is really needed, and if the benefits are worth the extra cost come up frequently at WattzOn so we wrote a white paper about five smart meter data myths.  Here, we discuss Myth #2: Smart meter data is available from every smart meter.

5MythsofSmartMeter_Table1.jpgSadly, this is not the case: even if a utility has deployed smart meters, the data from those meters isn't necessarily accessible. Only four states have more than 50% of meters that are both smart and provide daily digital access.

Looking more closely at the daily digital access data is illuminating. This table lists the states in which the majority of meters (> 50%) have daily digital access. There are only ten states on the list.

The last two states in this table don’t have high rates of smart meter deployments, but do have substantial daily digital access. In these states, non-smart meters are being polled everyday for usage data that is presented to the consumer.

Source: EIA Form 861 posted October, 2016.