Smart Meter Data Myth #1: Smart meters are everywhere

One of the most frequent requests we get at WattzOn goes something like this: "My company is starting to X. We need smart meter data everywhere." Whatever X is - engage the customer, sell solar, sell thermostats - our customer is sure that smart meter data is needed.

And they are highly disappointed when we tell them how few utilities have smart meters with accessible data.

But is smart meter data really needed? Are the benefits worth the extra cost? In WattzOn's experience, lots can be done with monthly utility bill data, including customer targeting, personalized customer experiences and predictive analytics. And monthly data is cheaper to obtain and manage.

The smart meter data question comes up frequently at WattzOn, so we put our experience into a white paper, and lay out facts and bust some myths, starting with Myth #1: Smart meters are everywhere. 

The map below shows that smart meter deployments are not complete. Only 15 states have a majority of smart meters, and only seven states have more than 75%. There is a long tail of states that are still in the exploratory stage.