Smart Meter Update


Sources:  EIA, Edison Electric Institute, WattzOn calculations


Last fall we put out a series of blog posts about the facts on the U.S. deployment of smart meters. Because the facts can be surprising, we called these the Five Smart Meter Myths.


See: “Myth #1: Smart meters are everywhere”  and Myth #2: Smart meter data is available from every smart meter.”


These have been some of our most popular blog posts, and based on the feedback and changes in the market, here is an update on smart meters and the available smart meter data.


1.  Smart meters continue to roll out, but many U.S. homes won’t have smart meters. ComEd (IL)  and ConEd (NY) are in the midst of a multi-year deployment. Xcel (CO) will complete its rollout in 2024. WattzOn did an update to our master database. Currently 43% of homes have smart meters. After all planned rollouts, 50% of U.S. homes will have smart meters.  

2.  Too often smart meters are installed without making data available to consumers. While 43% of homes have smart meters, just 25% of homes can access their usage data in daily or hourly form. If only large utilities are considered, then 70% of homes with smart meters can see their usage data daily. (Utilities with more than 150,000 smart meters.)  We have to wonder:  What is the regulatory case for smart meters without ratepayer data access?

3.  The rapid movement to the Consumerization of Energy changes everything. The pace is being set by significant regulatory changes in California and New York. The trend shifts home energy management to the phone, and to support by third-parties. Utility data will be required by all consumer engagement and sales tools to segment and target profitable customers and to personalize offers. 

4.  The Green Button Alliance continues to make progress on standards, but only 35 utilities have implemented the Green Button interface or have announced their intent to do so. Here’s a shout out to this important industry group.


The bottom line? Utility data will continue to be expensive to collect because access paths and  data formats remain quite varied. With the need for interval data, the days of typing in data or relying on haphazard manual processes are over. And due to complex rate structures, detailed usage data is needed to provide storage, solar and other home energy management solutions.


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