Top 5 Reasons Why Users Don't Engage With Energy Savings

Here at WattzOn we've been in the energy saving business for nearly eight years. During that time, we've learned first-hand why consumers don't naturally gravitate to energy savings; even when it's in their self-interest.

Here are our top 5 reasons why users don't engage with energy savings, and how we've engineered our products to solve that problem

1. There are too many things to do.

There are over 40 ways to use energy in the home, and thus 40 ways to save. Consumers get bogged down in where to start.

SOLUTION -- WattzOn creates personalized, quantified savings plans for each user that show the value of good habits and the top priorities for purchases. The first steps are clear!

2. The savings seem vague and far in the future.

Utilities have marketed home energy audits and upgrades for years, actions that do have vague benefits. Meanwhile, consumers don't know about the immediate savings of energy-smart appliances and other purchases.

SOLUTION -- WattzOn's personalized, quantified savings plans put the immediate savings opportunities on top. We quantify the potential savings opportunities for each user, and it's often 30 - 45% of their current utility bills. Real numbers, personal answers.

3. The only way to save energy is to feel uncomfortable.

How many times have our elected leaders put on a sweater and told us to save energy by lowering our thermostat? They never stand in front of a new TV, one that can save $50 per year. No wonder consumers are wary!

SOLUTION -- WattzOn combs the product market to find the smart energy and water saving purchases. They provide savings, look gorgeous and get great consumer reviews. It's a case of having it all.

4. It will cost too much.

When the message is "spend several thousand dollars up-front for a lifetime of benefits", consumers instantly become disengaged.

SOLUTION -- WattzOn's expert content points users to products that don't cost more, but do save more. Check out our solar and auto advisors -- we provide clear answers that show how quickly some purchases can pay off. Users will be surprised at the immediate savings opportunities available.

5. It's hard to get started.

The product space is confusing and trusted contractors are hard to find. For many consumers, the "do nothing" strategy is the easiest way to go.

SOLUTION -- WattzOn moves ideas into actions with connections to products, services, and our curated online store. When a user sees a great low-flow showerhead, two things happen. First, it becomes clear no sacrifice is involved. Second, with a product and its available rebates at their fingertips, the user is more likely to take action.


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