Meet WattzOn at Intersolar!

Get ready for Intersolar in San Francisco, July 11 - 14. We're pleased to be attending! Please contact us to see our new products in action, if you're going to be there, we'd love to meet you. Contact: Jon Enberg, VP Partnerships,

How Saving Energy Boosts Local Economies

We spend a lot on energy, about $5000 - $7000 per year per household. What would happen if we saved a modest amount? It turns out that our high spending on energy use at the household level, creates high city-wide energy spending, and so even a modest level of savings -- say just 5% -- can create a...

The Smarts Behind the Smart Grid

The Smart Grid is a pretty abstract thing. I thought I would write a few posts explaining some of the ways it plays a critical role in enabling a more efficient, more reliable and more flexible power system.

Presenting Numbers for Energy

There are a lot of numbers thrown around in the conversation about energy efficiency and climate change. I thought it would be worthwhile for us to break down and play with two sets of numbers that people are frequently confronted with -- temperature and miles per gallon. The math to tweak the...