See Our Nation's Solar Smart Cities

Los Angeles, San Diego and Phoenix were the highest in total PV capacity, Honolulu, Indianapolis and San Jose had the most PV installed per person. A recent report authored by Environment America and the Frontier Group has 64 cities that deployed over 1.7 gigawatts (GW) of PV capacity combined,...

WattzOn Announces Integration With Enphase

WattzOn Announces Integration With Enphase, Providing a Complete and Engaging Home Energy Management to Enphase Residential Customers

WSJ Blog Post Highlights Growing Benefits of Employee Engagement

"Rx for a Jazzed-Up Workforce: Go Sustainable" reinforces findings from WattzOn survey

Top 5 Reasons Why Users Don't Engage With Energy Savings

Here at WattzOn we've been in the energy saving business for nearly eight years. During that time, we've learned first-hand why consumers don't naturally gravitate to energy savings; even when it's in their self-interest.

Strong Results from United Communities Show the Power of Engagement

Just over two months ago, we launched an innovative energy-savings program for military families living on Fort Dix (U.S. Army) and McGuire Air Force Base. The early results are in, and they are strong. Residents, who don’t pay utility bills, saved an average of $16 per month per house! This is a...

Behavioral Energy Efficiency Proves Effective for the Air Force

As a technology company striving to advance peoples’ understanding of their energy use, we love the opportunity to highlight the achievements of our partners as they work to reduce energy consumption (with our software of course!)

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Take Big Jump in 2010

The 2010 results on CO2 emissions are out, and the news is not good. Emissions in 2010 are up, and beyond the levels expected.

Smart Meter, Meet the Smart Grid

In my prior post, I wrote about the smart grid. Here's a quick bit about how Smart Meters play a role. As I mentioned before, the Smart Meter provides communications to the power plant; the plant can learn if you're getting the proper voltage, and also how much you're using at the moment. But, this...

Presenting Numbers for Energy

There are a lot of numbers thrown around in the conversation about energy efficiency and climate change. I thought it would be worthwhile for us to break down and play with two sets of numbers that people are frequently confronted with -- temperature and miles per gallon. The math to tweak the...