WattzOn Gets Noticed For Great Sustainability Tech

WattzOn got a great mention in this article by Care2.com titled 8 Apps to Save the Earth!

Hawaii Will Soon Get 100% Of Its Electricity From Renewable Sources

Hawaii is moving forward with a plan that would allow them to get 100% of their electricity from renewable sources;

Top 5 Reasons Why Users Don't Engage With Energy Savings

Here at WattzOn we've been in the energy saving business for nearly eight years. During that time, we've learned first-hand why consumers don't naturally gravitate to energy savings; even when it's in their self-interest.

WattzOn Advisor discusses MIT Solar Report

One of WattzOn's advisors, Richard Schmalensee, speaks about the latest report from MIT about getting rid of net metering;

4 Ways Energy Retailers Can Increase Customer Engagement

The question hovering over last week’s Retail Energy Marketer’s Conference in New York City was clear: how does the industry increase customer retention? Retail energy providers (REPs) compete to sell electricity and natural gas to residents and businesses in some states. (In some markets, REPs are...

How Saving Energy Boosts Local Economies

We spend a lot on energy, about $5000 - $7000 per year per household. What would happen if we saved a modest amount? It turns out that our high spending on energy use at the household level, creates high city-wide energy spending, and so even a modest level of savings -- say just 5% -- can create a...

Big Shifts, Tough Tradeoffs

WattzOn was started to bring attention to the consumer’s role in energy use. Saul Griffith, one of the founders, has minutely analyzed his life and shown us where the average American can easily cut down on energy use…. and where the stumbling blocks are. With all of his best intentions, he...

The Utility Bill -- Friend or Foe?

Do you read your utility bill carefully? What do you learn? “Not very much,” says a study released last week by the American Council on an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE). The authors conclude that there is a missed opportunity to communicate clearly and with focus to residential consumers.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Take Big Jump in 2010

The 2010 results on CO2 emissions are out, and the news is not good. Emissions in 2010 are up, and beyond the levels expected.

Fuel Poverty in Britain - Even the Queen

Fuel poverty is an emerging political crisis in Britain. A household that spends 10% or more of its disposable income on fuel lives in “fuel poverty”. This week, the Financial Times reported that the Queen’s energy bills for her four residences have soared by 20%. Payments to the Queen by the...

Electricity Data: The Devil is in the Details

I have written several posts about the Smart Grid recently, both here and on my personal blog. I got an email from a man in China today, as follows:

Actions Speak Louder than Governments

If you logged in to WattzOn today, you probably noticed that your total power footprint is significantly smaller and that your data (profile) page looks very different than last week. We really wanted to improve the accessibility and usability of your energy consumption data - and we've made some...

Smart Meter, Meet the Smart Grid

In my prior post, I wrote about the smart grid. Here's a quick bit about how Smart Meters play a role. As I mentioned before, the Smart Meter provides communications to the power plant; the plant can learn if you're getting the proper voltage, and also how much you're using at the moment. But, this...

The Smarts Behind the Smart Grid

The Smart Grid is a pretty abstract thing. I thought I would write a few posts explaining some of the ways it plays a critical role in enabling a more efficient, more reliable and more flexible power system.

Presenting Numbers for Energy

There are a lot of numbers thrown around in the conversation about energy efficiency and climate change. I thought it would be worthwhile for us to break down and play with two sets of numbers that people are frequently confronted with -- temperature and miles per gallon. The math to tweak the...