Strong Results from United Communities Show the Power of Engagement

Just over two months ago, we launched an innovative energy-savings program for military families living on Fort Dix (U.S. Army) and McGuire Air Force Base. The early results are in, and they are strong. Residents, who don’t pay utility bills, saved an average of $16 per month per house! This is a...

Fuel Poverty in Britain - Even the Queen

Fuel poverty is an emerging political crisis in Britain. A household that spends 10% or more of its disposable income on fuel lives in “fuel poverty”. This week, the Financial Times reported that the Queen’s energy bills for her four residences have soared by 20%. Payments to the Queen by the...

Electricity Data: The Devil is in the Details

I have written several posts about the Smart Grid recently, both here and on my personal blog. I got an email from a man in China today, as follows: