Smart Meter Data Myth #2

The questions of whether or not smart meter data is really needed, and if the benefits are worth the extra cost come up frequently at WattzOn so we wrote a white paper about five smart meter data myths.  Here, we discuss Myth #2: Smart meter data is available from every smart meter.

"What Are My Solar Savings?"

More than 2 million homeowners want the answer to this question. 

Surveys consistently show that “Save Money” is the primary buying reason for rooftop and community solar. Yet, after the sale, most customers don’t know how to validate savings. Solar customers need help.  

And solar companies...

Behavioral Energy Efficiency Proves Effective for the Air Force

As a technology company striving to advance peoples’ understanding of their energy use, we love the opportunity to highlight the achievements of our partners as they work to reduce energy consumption (with our software of course!)