WattzOn at the California PUC

CPUC.jpegWattzOn was one of a number of thermostat and software companies that participated in the  CPUC Public Workshop on "Implementation of Assembly Member Quirk’s AB 793 Energy Efficiency and Energy Management Technology Legislation."  We were delighted to share our experiences from programs throughout California and across the U.S. 
AB 793 requires the CPUC to develop a program, no later than January 2017, that provides incentives for residents and small businesses to adopt energy saving technologies or software solutions.  The question at hand:  How to implement this innovative approach?   Stakeholders from all quarters were present and engaged, from utilities to low-income program advocates to third-party solution providers.
Two key takeaways:  
1) Solution providers are ready to measure savings at the meter. We're also ready to engage residents with personalized views of their usage and upcoming bills.  
2) Incentive design should enable equal access to the benefits of this bill.  Different customer segments will use different solutions, and all should find accelerants for adoption in the upcoming AB 793 program. 
It was great to see a group of experienced, hard-headed solution providers. No "greenwashing", just real facts on what works and what doesn't. Many of us have been out there for years, and the day also had the great feeling of seeing old friends.
See WattzOn's full remarks here.