WattzOn’s Utility Data Platform Enables National Marketing Campaigns


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Coverage of over 94 million U.S. homes via a single integration. WattzOn supports a complete digital experience for consumers evaluating energy products and services.


Let’s start with the facts. WattzOn has utility data coverage for over 300 U.S. electric and gas utilities. We’re also adding all available interval data this fall as utilities activate more smart meters. As the table below shows, WattzOn’s data coverage is allowing partners to conduct national consumer marketing campaigns for energy products.


WattzOn Residential Utility Data Access

August, 2017



*Complete in early 2018. ** Based on announced utility rollouts of smart meters  

Source: WattzOn calculations; EIA; AGA; public records and regulatory filings regarding utility rollout and deployment plans  


Consumers want personalization and control.

  • 55 million smart/connected thermostats will be installed in the U.S. by 2025
    • 54% of consumers want personalized energy offers, so much that they would switch energy providers if they were not getting them
      • Retail energy companies that offer personalized digital engagement are highly profitable sellers of an essentially commodity product    

The market is serving this new consumer.   

What’s next?  Imagine a world in which you target consumers using widely-available national marketing databases, coupled with additional data on consumer sentiment and effective messaging for all things green and energy-related. Guess what? It’s happening already. 

Target the home, make the offer, get the consumer engaged with an immediate value-prop. Do what American businesses do very well: Create and deliver great consumer products. Use WattzOn to support your consumer engagement and make the personalized energy offers. 

We’re celebrating!  WattzOn released its first utility data connection in January 2009, and we’ve come a long way since then. This is a moment of celebration and pride for our company. WattzOn has always been focused on marrying the efficiency of national marketing engines with consumer savings available from cleantech products and services. The facts here show that we, and the industry, are ready for action.


Partner with WattzOn to bring a national, personalized energy  marketing campaign to your product or service


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