Data-Driven Energy Efficiency: We Like It!

Recently, the CA Assembly passed a bill, SB 350, which is notable for doubling the state’s energy efficiency goals. What is equally important is that it changes the measurement of energy efficiency from models to meter data. WattzOn has been providing data on our energy savings programs for years, and have been competing against un-validated models. We’re delighted to see the data triumph in this bill.

(Image Source: Energy Information Administration.)

The new legislation changes how the benefits of energy efficiency programs are measured. They were previously measured by modeled savings across a broad program. They are now measured on a new basis: pay-for-performance, based on meter data. So if a home does not save energy, no payment is made to the utility partner. Programs must use meter data to prove themselves.

WattzOn has a great track record, with over 25 community programs across the U.S. that typically have 8 – 15% savings (measured against a control group.) We’re confident of our results and now offer guaranteed savings. See our press release.

California has been the nation’s leader in energy efficiency, and we’re glad to see the state lead the way again. Way to go! We love it!

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